Pyramid Cage

The Pyramid Cage

This is a one of kind design - and it’s patent pending. We’ve built this cage to look great with any decor. This design is completely collapsable, hinges bring it together.

Available now for $1675
Standard size has 4 foot panels.
(flooring options and painted finishes extra. Model as shown: $1945 )
Click here for ordering information.

The second pyramid cage gallery shown above with a male model features the a new version of the pyramid cage, in raw unpainted steel. This new version sports a smaller, “inside the top” locking system, which accepts most standard sized padlocks. Male model is 6 foot 5 inches tall.

This is the Pyramid cage featured in “The Pet” movie. Sometimes called a triangle cage, or pyramid slave cage.

Click here to see our other cage designs.

Click here for our custom design page.

Recent demand for our products have pushed shipping dates back by two weeks. Please allow 3 -4 weeks for standard delivery at this time. Rush orders will be considered at a 20% fee.

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