Darke Family presents: A weekend with Fetish Diva Midori

April 8th, 9th, and 10th - 2004

Midori will appear in Nashville for a performance Thursday April 8th, teach a class Friday April 9th,  and two rope bondage classes on April 10th.

Nashville hotel and attractions info here!

Midori photo courtesy of Steve Diet Goedde

See more photos of Midori practicing her suspension performance work - click here.

Events details

April 8th
The performance / play party was a resounding success. It was really great to see such a diverse group of folks all out enjoying the scene. Special thanks go out to everyone who helped make this happen. Great big thanks to FetishDiva Midori for doing so much work so late into the night as well. We raised over $300 for our targetted organizations; the NCSF and Leather Archives!

April 9th - $35.00 / per person
Doors open at 5:00pm, Class: Aural Sex 1: Seduction by Voice, begins at 5:30.

Aural Sex 1: Seduction by Voice

The brain is the biggest sex organ and the voice can be the most powerful tool to create the hottest scenes. Midori will show you how to use the hypnotic magic of the voice to seduce your lover long before you enter the bedroom or the dungeon. Learn how to suggest, command, tease and take control with the art of voice. Enjoy practical exercises, tips and secrets of aural seduction. Most of the class will address fundamentals and skills applicable to all sensual encounters. There will be a specific section of the class dedicated to voice and command techniques to enhance your SM and D/s scenes. This class applies to SM players and non-SM players alike. Demos, practical exercises, tips.
 Class is over at 7:30 and everyone will be invited to attend the after party.

Booksigning at Outloud bookstore; 8:15 - 9:00pm


April 10th - $15 early class, $35 Second seminar, or $50 for both.
Doors open at 12:30pm seminar at 1:00pm: Intro to Japanese and other creative rope bondage essentials

Intro to Japanese and Other Creative Rope Bondage Essentials

Rope bondage can be simple, elegant, effective and sensual. But if you don't know how to do it right, it can be dangerous. Midori will teach you how to use this most versatile bondage tool to maximize fun and minimize risks. Learn basic techniques such as two-column restraint, body harnesses and creative positions. She is an expert in safe and effective Japanese inspired rope bondage. There will be time for hands-on practice, so wear comfortable clothing

Break at 3pm

4:00pm Seminar and demonstration for Advanced rope bondage begins.

Advanced Rope Bondage and Rope Demo

Appropriate experience level: moderate rope bondage and bondage experience necessary
So, you've got the basics and want to try more? Want to expand your repertoire? Midori will share with you more advanced Japanese and Western rope techniques. If you want to participate in the hands-on exercise, please wear comfortable clothes and bring your rope or you can purchase the good stuff at the shop She will also demonstrate her own artful advanced rope bondage if time permits.

We will need to clear out by 6:30pm to prepare the club for it’s normal Saturday night activities.

Map to Menages via yahoo maps click here.

  • We will announce an official after party friday night
  • Additional information about Midori and her classes can be found at: www.beautybound.com and www.fhp-inc.com
  • Several non alcohol drinks will be available including Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Bottled Water, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Tonic Water, Club Soda and Ginger Ale for $2 each. Vamp Energy Drinks available for $4.
  • There were auctions to support the NCSF and the Leather Archives, rasing over $300!!

Nashville hotel and attractions info click here!

Who is Midori? What's a fetish diva?
The name Midori is well-known in the worlds of SM and fetish, first as a model, then domina, and finally the highly respected author/educator/artist she is today. She wrote a book called "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" which may very well have been the first book on Japanese bondage in English.

She writes erotic fiction for books and magazines, and her instructional texts have even found their way into college textbooks. She teaches around the world at universities, stores, private tutorials, and SM educational organizations. She's appeared on TV on HBO's Real Sex, Playboy TV, and many more. She's appeared in magazines that include Skin Two (UK), Marquis (Germany), Mademoiselle (US), Playboy (US and abroad), Taboo (US), Glamour, and other publications.

Midori will have copies of her book "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" and her CD “Aural Seductions” available for signing as well.

This event sponsored by

Darke Family


Leather Journey Magazine

Dungeon Steel

Auction items provided by Dungeon Steel, Outloud Bookstore and Steven Darke
We raised over $300 for our targetted organizations, the NCSF and leather Archives!

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